How can I keep the beauty of my Apell sink for a long time?
  • Always keep the sink clean by avoiding to leave dirty crockery inside.
  • To clean the sink, use mild soap and hot water, rinse and dry thoroughly.
What should be avoided for cleaning the sink?
  • For cleaning, never use scouring pads and abrasive sponges, they can generate scratches and also deposit metal particles that could trig a rusting process.
Is it possible to scratch my steel sink?
  • With daily use it is perfectly normal that the sink can be scratched. Usually they are small scratches that with time become less visible.
  • You have to be very careful with the ceramic artifacts that could damage the stainless steel in a more meaningful and evident way.
Why does the water stain my sink?
  • If the sink is not dried after use, the water evaporating will leave a white patina on the surface. This stain is limestone and can be easily removed with a specific product or the common vinegar.
Can the stainless steel sink be ruffled?
  • Stainless steel is chemically stainless, but in specific conditions it can be induced to rust. If the surface of the sink comes into contact with iron particles, they will bind to the stainless steel and rust.
  • The use of chlorine-based detergents is also a cause of rust, it is recommended that the bottles and detergents placed in the sink cabinet are kept tightly closed, even the vapours released can damage and rust the stainless steel.