Why Apell

Rethink the kitchen sink transforming it into an original and exclusive product, able to combine elegance and modern design with daily use and an optimum ease of cleaning and hygiene.
This is Apell’s approach to the market and to development of its products and that is why millions of Consumers choose us all over the world.
Elegance and Design are ensured by the development and manufacturing strictly Made in Italy.
The ease of cleaning and the utmost hygiene are ensured by the use of stainless steel (AISI304 commonly known as stainless steel 18/10). This material is by definition the one that lends itself to obtaining a hygienic surface on which to prepare our food. Have you ever wondered why only stainless steel surfaces are found inside a surgery room?
In addition, steel is recyclable at 100% and this can certainly be a further advantage to consider when purchasing a product and in the willingness to help leave a cleaner planet to future generations.
Apell, remember, is a “green” company that puts the maximum attention to environmental impact and to preserve the environment from pollution.

We thank all our clients for the trust we have given us and to continue to choose us every day